Land and Regulatory

Land and Regulatory Services

Roy Northern specializes in all aspects of Surface Rights Acquisitions throughout the Western provinces and Canada’s north. Successful land services and administration requires a broad understanding of industries and stakeholders, as well as an integrated strategy. The combination of land services offered by Roy Northern ensures the unique needs of every client can be readily met. As an extension of our clients’ business, we take pride in representing them and share an invested interest in their overall success.

Acquisition of Surface Rights

  • Surface Lease and Pipeline Easement Acquisitions and Damage Settlements
  • Surface Rights Acquisition on Crown, Freehold and Federal CER,IOGC/INAC) Land
  • Surface Rights Board Applications, Hearing and Consultations (BC)
  • Alberta Land Rights Tribunal
  • Wellsite, Access Road and Pipeline Route Selection
  • Rental Reviews
  • Corporate Area Annual ERP Updates
  • Woodlot Negotiations
  • Notice of Work (MEM)

Emergency Response Planning

  • Personal Consultation
  • Field Ground Truthing
  • ERP Data Collection

Municipal and Utilities Acquisitions

  • Powerline Rights-of-Way
  • Gas/Water Co-op Easements
  • Renewable Energy – Wind / Solar Power
  • Landfill Sites/Mining and Aggregate Applications
  • Government Infrastructure – Road Widening, Bridge Repairs

Public Consultation/Regulatory Compliance

  • Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) 
  • Alberta Energy Regulator (AER D56, D60)
  • BC Oil & Gas Commission (OGC)
  • Canada Energy Regulator (CER)
  • Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC)
  • Ministry of Forests, BC (MOF)
  • Ministry of Land, Water, and Resource Stewardship, BC (MLRRS)

Third Party Agreements

  • Application for Road Use, Facility Crossing, Workspace and Proximity Agreements
  • Administration of Agreements
  • Web based SharePoint hosting Third Party linelist, Client Accessible

Administrative Services/Document Preparation

  • Project Notification Packages (CER Section 322, Section 201; AER D56, D71; OGC)
  • Stakeholder linelists and associated mapping
  • Surface Lease and Right-of-Way Agreements
  • Release of Damages/Work Permits
  • Title Searches/Filing of Caveat
  • BC Title Registrations/Withdrawals/Assignments