Archaeological Services

Roy Northern uses creative solutions to strike the right balance between the responsible management of cultural heritage resources while addressing the needs of our clients. Roy Northern works with regulatory agencies, such as the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission and the Archaeology Branch, to ensure that management recommendations will be supported. In addition, Roy Northern also engages with Indigenous communities during the process of developing solutions to include their input in heritage site management, wherever possible. This approach allows for the smooth progression of a project from concept to construction. Roy Northern has undertaken cultural heritage resource management projects in a variety of industry settings, ranging from oil and gas to forestry to power. Backed by our considerable depth of archaeological knowledge and experience throughout British Columbia, our cultural heritage resource team has the expertise to meet project needs, regardless of size or complexity.

British Columbia

  • Archaeological Information Form (AIF)
  • Archaeological Overview Assessment (AOA)
  • Preliminary Field Reconnaissance (PFR)
  • Archaeological Impact Assessment (AIA)
  • Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) Section 12.4 Application
  • Archaeology Branch Section 12.4 Application
  • RAAD Searches (Remote Access to Archalogical Data)
  • Winter testing and excavation


  • Statement of Justification (SOJ)
  • Historic Resources Impact Assessment (HRIA)
  • Historic Resources Impact Mitigation (HRIM)
  • Historical Resources Act Clearance
  • Historic Sites and Areas Listing Searches