Environmental Solutions

Roy Northern provides a variety of consulting expertise that specifically focuses on environmental legislation, regulations and guideline compliance related to the planning, construction and reclamation of client projects. With the increasing complexity and sensitivity of environmental concerns and compliance, our team continues to develop its expertise and leadership within this area.


  • Environmental Pre-Disturbance Assessments (AB)
  • Schedule ‘A’ and ‘B’ Site Assessments (BC)
  • Conservation & Reclamation Plans
  • Environmental Protection Plans
  • Enhanced Approval Process 
  • Environmental Assessments on Federal Land (Indian Oil & Gas Canada)
  • Permafrost Protection Plans
  • Wetland Assessments and Impact Reports
  • Borrow Pit and Roadway Pre and Post Construction Site Assessments
  • Wildlife Assessments and Mitigation Plans
  • Bear Den Sweeps
  • Stream and Wetland Classification
  • Fisheries Habitat Assessments; Qualified Aquatic Environmental Specialists 
  • Code of Practice Notifications/Water Act Applications/Federal Fisheries Act Applications
  • Migratory Bird Inventories and Active Migratory Bird Nest Survey 
  • Wildlife Habitat Assessments
  • Rare Plant Sweeps
  • Oil Sands Applications
  • Regulatory Review and Compliance
  • ALC Non-Farm Use Applications and Arability Assessments
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans


  • Pipeline Construction Environmental Inspection Services
  • On-Site Construction Supervision
  • Wellsite Cleanup Forms
  • Environmental Inspection during In-Stream work or Horizontal Directional Drilling


  • Wellsite and Pipeline Reclamation Supervision
  • Reclamation Certificate Application and Client Representation at Reclamation Certificate Inquiries
  • Erosion Control and Monitoring

Other Services

  • Aggregate and Gravel Resource Testing
  • Conservation and Reclamation Business Plans and Code of Practice Registration Applications for Sand and Gravel Pits
  • Environmental Sampling and Monitoring Air, Soil and Water
  • Stream Flow Data Acquisition
  • Potable Water Testing
  • Sub-Surface Soil Testing
  • Wildlife Monitoring and Management
  • Visual Impact Assessments