Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality is important to Roy Northern because we value our clients, and we are committed to Quality in all areas of our business and services. This commitment is consistent with our Vision Statement:

“Inspire with ingenuity, represent highest professional standards,
overcome challenges, exceed expectations, and lead in excellence.”

Guided by Roy Northern’s Quality Policy and associated Quality Objectives, we have customized a Quality Management System (QMS) that consists of all of Roy Northern’s policies and procedures, forms, specific work instructions, flow charts and checklists.  Our QMS User Manual guides our employees to meet our Quality Objectives, and it confirms that business operations are undertaken in accordance with the company Quality Policy.

Roy Northern’s QMS mirrors, in some respects, ISO 9001-2015, but has been customized to reflect the size, scale, and scope of Roy Northern’s business operations.  The systems and standard procedures outlined in this QMS are also aligned with ISO 9001-2015.  Our QMS utilizes the approaches to process, and the quality management principles, contained within the international standards. Implementing these standards ultimately enhances Roy Northern’s ability to continually assess risk and improve applicable procedures and processes for enhanced quality assurance, quality control, and risk management.

Roy Northern’s QMS is designed to facilitate required processes so that the services and deliverables we provide meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements. Rigorous application of the Company’s QMS by all employees confirms that our implemented processes and procedures are continually improving. Continual improvement of systems and services is the definitive goal of a successful QMS. As such, we have the following systems and procedures in place to support us in our aim of client satisfaction and continuous improvement throughout our business:

  • Internal QA/QC procedures for client deliverables
  • Checklists, tools, policies, and procedures for managing projects, conducting fieldwork, and developing deliverables for clients
  • Regular customer feedback monitoring
  • Training and development for our employees
  • Audits of our internal processes
  • Measurable Quality Objectives which reflect our Company vision and commitments
  • Management reviews of policy, procedure, audit results, and customer feedback
  • Continuous evaluation and identification of Corporate risks