About Us

Roy Northern Land and Environmental is a Surface Land and Environmental consulting firm that directly assists clients in acquiring land and complying with industry regulations and legislation associated with project planning, development and reclamation.

Founded in 1980 by Douglas Roy, Roy Northern Land and Environmental offers interdisciplinary expertise that compliments the oil and gas, forestry and agricultural industries and municipal authorities throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Canada’s north.

With a team of over 65 staff, the organization offers robust services from it’s offices in Fairview and Calgary, AB and Fort St. John and Terrace, BC. Hard work, quality service and creating strong relationships are the foundation of Roy Northern Land and Environmental.

Our Approach

We are confident in the comprehensive services we provide and in our dedicated teams that deliver them.

We are committed to our corporate values of consistently delivering quality work, continuing to enhance our expertise and offering the flexibility necessary to meet each client’s specific needs.

At Roy Northern Land and Environmental, we are dedicated to working closely and efficiently with our clients and applying only the most appropriate expertise to each project. Our goal is for clients to receive the full benefit of our experience and the relationships we have fostered within the communities where we live and work.

We value the many relationships we have built over the years and are inspired to continually upgrade and expand our knowledge and resources. Leading by example is important to us and we strive to empower others through community engagement as well as social and environmental stewardship.