Drilling & Line Location

Drilling Services

Accurate Drilling Services – Cost Effective Project Solutions

Source Drilling Solutions was recently acquired by Roy Northern Land and Environmental.  We are centered in the heart of the Oil and Gas Indudustry in Fort St. John, British Columbia.

Source has developed a significant service base in markets where efficient, accurate performance services and customer support are in demand by our customers.



Industries Served:

Source Drilling Solutions serves a variety of industries throughout British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Source provides customers with access to a list of specialized drilling, testing and installation services in numerous applications.

  • Upstream and Downstream Oil and Gas Projects
  • Highways Projects
  • Commercial Construction
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Pipeline Projects

Drilling Services:

Source Drilling Solutions provides high quality drilling services, equipment and expertise for, well abandonment, geotechnical, and environmental drilling and many other projects and all terrain services.

  • Auger Drilling
  • Direct Push
  • Monitoring Well Installation & Decommissioning
  • Standard Penetration Testing
  • Split Spoon Sampling


GeoProbe 6620DT

Source Drilling Solutions operates a Geoprobe Model 6620DT. The 6620DT is ideal for drilling in difficult to reach locations. With a height of only 153in, there are very few places that the 6620 can’t go.

The robust 6620DT direct push machine works extremely effectively in confined areas. Because the weight of the unit is evenly distributed over both tracks, the Model 6620DT can easily manoeuvre through shallow water, soft sands, or muddy fields. The 6620DT is as powerful and matches the 66 series units with 47,000 pounds of pull.

The Model 6620DT boast a variety of safety and operator control features that provide precision, and greater efficiency.

  • 66-inch (1676 mm) probe cylinder stroke allows use of 5-foot (1,5 m) probe rods
  • 21 ton (214 kN) retraction force for today’s larger sampling tools and deeper depths
  • Equipped with the powerful GH62 Soil Probing Hammer, exclusively from Geoprobe® Systems
  • Cordless Paddle Remote
  • Built-in rotary spindle for concrete drilling, augering, and anchoring
  • Two-speed probe cylinder cycles from bottom to top in less than 5 seconds
  • Independently driven rubber tracks
  • Powered by a four-cylinder, 49 HP, liquid-cooled Kubota turbo diesel engine
  • Hydraulic movement in all three axes allows easy probe alignment with tool string
  • Auxiliary hydraulic ports provide power for remote equipment
  • Compatible with Geoprobe® brand tooling and equipment

Line Location Specialists

Utility Location and Verification

Target Line Locators was recently acquired by Roy Northern Land and Environmental.

Working together with public services and private  clients, Target Line Locators establishes the location of the client’s underground infrastructure. Target maintains a focus on quality and service excellence that meets or exceeds our clients expectations.

Target Line Locators  specializes in locating buried utilities. We provide trained field service technicians and well-equipped field units to meet ground disturbance scenarios.


  • Locating underground utilities
  • Pipeline crossings
  • Electronic Surface Locates
  • Mapping
  • Finding Well Centre
  • Locating Corner Pins