Accurate Drilling Solutions

Source Drilling Solutions, a division of Roy Northern Land and Environmental, is centered in the heart of the Oil and Gas Industry in Fort St. John, British Columbia.

Roy Northern has developed a significant service base in markets where efficient, accurate performance services and customer support are in demand by our customers.

Roy Northern provides high quality drilling services, equipment and expertise for, well abandonment, geotechnical, and environmental drilling and many other projects and all terrain services.

  • Auger Drilling
  • Direct Push
  • Monitoring Well Installation & Decommissioning
  • Standard Penetration Testing
  • Split Spoon Sampling

Industries Served

Roy Northern serves a variety of industries throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Source provides customers with access to a list of specialized drilling, testing and installation services in numerous applications.

  • Upstream and Downstream Oil and Gas Projects
  • Highways Projects
  • Commercial Construction
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Pipeline Projects

GeoProbe 6620DT

The Geoprobe® Model 6620DT direct push machine offers the complete package, including auxiliary power sources, a workhorse hammer,and a well-planned work area. The 12-inch track allows this direct push machine to be used on concrete and pavement as well as off-road and rugged terrain.

The 6620DT is ideal for drilling in difficult to reach locations. With a height of only 153in, there are very few places that the 6620 can’t go.

Diedrich D-50

The D-50 is an all-purpose drill rig for soil and rock explorations using augers, rotary tools, or core drilling tools. Rated from 125 ft.(38m) to 250 ft.(76m) depth with hollow stem or continuous flight augers up to 14″(356mm) hole size. Rated to 1000 linear feet(305m) of core drilling using N series tools. 

Our D-50 is mounted on a rubber-tracked Morooka carrier, meaning that it can access any site, regardless of ground conditions.