Wellsite Reclamation Supervision

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of pipeline reclamation, Roy Northern has started providing reclamation consulting services to clients in the oil and gas industry for their abandoned wellsites within Northeast BC. Roy Northern provides guidance and reclamation support to help that client create a reclamation plan and cost estimate to reclaim the wellsite. Roy Northern acts as the environmental inspector in many cases throughout reclamation activities to ensure that the project is brought to reclamation standards or Schedule B standards if the site is within the ALR. Throughout the years Roy Northern has provided professional consultation and advice for matters relating to landowner communication, Schedule B regulations, topsoil reclamation, contour reclamation, and a host of other reclamation matters. Roy Northern communicates well with the construction crew to ensure the site meets reclamation standards, the landowners are satisfied with site conditions, and Roy Northern Professionals are available for sign off in the future assessment and COR II process.