Pipeline Reclamation Supervision

Roy Northern has been providing reclamation consulting services to clients in the oil and gas industry since 2000 for their pipelines within Northeast BC. Generally, deficient pipelines are found through the pipeline Schedule B assessment, where Roy Northern is consulted two to three years following construction and final clean up of a project to conduct the reclamation assessments. If the site does not meet regulatory requirements, Roy Northern provides guidance and reclamation support to help that client create a reclamation plan to remedy the deficiencies. Roy Northern has also acted as the environmental inspector in many cases throughout reclamation activities to ensure that the project is brought to Schedule B standards. Throughout the years Roy Northern has provided professional consultation and advice for matters relating to landowner communication, Schedule B regulations, topsoil reclamation, contour reclamation, and a host of other reclamation matters. Roy Northern’s experienced team has identified and resolved almost every pipeline reclamation issue imaginable.