UAV Flight of Spill

Services: Spill Response, UAV

Project Description:

The Roy Northern UAV was utilized to provide supplementary information for a spill remediation project being overseen by our Environmental Department. Two flights were completed during the remedial stages of the project. The first flight was completed in December to provide current ortho-mosaics of the subject location and to estimate the volume of stockpiled soil on site. This data was combined with a geo-referenced electromagnetic scan of the spill which was used to direct the remedial and investigative efforts (shown below).

A second UAV flight was completed at the completion of the remediation process. The 3-dimensional data from this flight was classified and analyzed to provide accurate measurements of the total material transported to the landfill and the fill required to reclaim the site. Both flights were approximately 35 minutes in length and surveyed an area of 100 acres in winter conditions. The ground resolution of these flights was better than 2 cm per pixel.