Run-of-River Hydro Project

Services: Archaeology, Environmental, GIS, UAV

Project Description:

Roy Northern personnel provided all pre-site terrestrial environmental and an archaeological impact assessment for an application for a run-of-river hydro project just north of Kitimat BC.

Archaeologically the area contained areas of archaeological potential due to some old growth tree stands which had the potential for Culturally Modified Trees (CMTs) and the location near a fish baring creek. The project began with a desktop review of archaeological resources in the surrounding area in addition to a review of the LiDAR to identify areas of archaeological potential. An impact assessment was then conducted on the field, followed by an Archaeological Impact Assessment (AIA) report which identified any archaeological issues that were within the project boundaries.

Environmentally the project footprint impacted areas that were identified as high priority for a number of species at risk, including an ungulate winter range, grizzly bear habitat area, and coastal tailed frog habitat area. As part of the initial site assessment, Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping was performed by the Roy Northern GIS department based on publicly available databases and information gathered in the field. Following the assessment of project habitat values, a report was prepared detailing baseline conditions, as well as providing mitigation measures for the construction and operation of the project in relation to resident sensitive species. A wide array of terrestrial wildlife species were addressed as a part of this report, including grizzly bears, moose, little brown myotis, coastal tailed frog, western toad, and others. The field assessment was performed in association with two local first nations groups with the potential to be impacted by the project, and the report recommendations were decided upon in consultation with them as well. While this project is still in the application and approvals phase, Roy Northern has continued to provide professional support to fulfill application requirements.