NEB Pipeline Environmental and Wildlife Assessment

Services: Environmental

Project Description:

Roy Northern personnel provided all the pre-site environmental work required to proceed with an NEB pipeline application, which crossed the BC – Alberta border. This includes pre-site assessments for a variety of potentially impacted wildlife species, most notably breeding birds and mammals, as well as documenting pre-site environmental conditions such as soil quality and potential for impacts such as erosion. Field assessments of the remote area took place over several days and were informed by current RISC standards for breeding bird surveys, ungulate track counts, and habitat modeling, as well as current scientific literature. The surveys were designed to engage First Nation participants from local bands in order to acquire traditional knowledge of the area.

Based on the information gathered through the pre-site field assessments, Roy Northern created an Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment, an Environmental Protection Plan, a Wildlife and Habitat Report, a Breeding Bird Survey Report, a Vegetation Assessment Report, a Soil Assessment Report, and a Caribou Protection Plan. These documents outlined detailed mitigation for minimizing effects to any potentially impacted environmental values, particularly wildlife. Roy Northern then acted as the Environmental Inspector on site during the months of construction of the 5km long pipeline through very difficult terrain to ensure adherence to all environmental and wildlife protection measures, and provide additional mitigation and professional advice as needed.

Roy Northern Environmental Inspectors worked together with First Nation Environmental Monitors to develop mitigation measures to reduce negative impacts on local wildlife during construction of the pipeline. Following pipeline construction Roy Northern has provided guidance for post-construction reclamation to ensure the client fulfilled the NEB permit requirements.