Welcome to Our New Website

August 15, 2017

Share The Message on Down The Line!

Welcome readers to Roy Northern’s new blog site. With the launch of our new website, we took the challenge to feed a new blog in order for you to learn more about us, our industry and update you on new events and projects within our communities.

Our goal is to provide industry related information in a casual format, that readers will find interesting, informative, and allow us all to further develop work related skills and “share the message on down the line”.

So to set the stage for the content we plan on providing, you can expect that we may include:

  • News releases and links relating to our vast industry we service
  • Introductions to members of our team, and the services we provide
  • Updates and highlights of some of our specific projects
  • Information to help share ideas, provide clarity or help tackle industry challenges
  • Other ideas and topics that will surface, relevant to our work
  • Or maybe just a good read on an irrelevant topic!

I encourage you to re- visit the Roy Northern Blog often and, provide any ideas and feedback for us. We appreciate you keep any comments relevant to the topic, and maintain respect for those involved and if you chose to compliment us with your input, we thank you for adding value.

Thank you for your visit, and do feel welcome to contact us for more information.