New!! Emergency Spill Response Services

September 13, 2017

Roy Northern has partnered with ENVIRO HAZMAT™ EMERGENCY RESPONSE INC., a professional spill response company in order to provide emergency spill response services in northern British Columbia and Alberta. With trained personnel, dedicated spill response vehicles, and a large stock of sorbents and tools we are able to quickly respond to environmental emergencies and spills.

Enviro Hazmat™ Emergency Response Inc. is an Alberta based company that has been in operation since 1993. Enviro Hazmat’s primary focus is on Hazmat Emergency Spill Response, waste management, site decommissioning, E.C.A (Emergency Compliance Assessment), Hazmat/Safety training, and the ongoing development of new technologies. Enviro Hazmat’s areas of market focus include, but not limited to, municipal fire departments, government, transportation, industrial facilities and the oil & gas industry.

Through our alliance with Enviro Hazmat™ Emergency Response Inc., we are able to oversee all sizes of incidents from initial response through remediation and reclamation, providing a wide range of services including:


  • 24 Hour Emergency Spill Response
  • Dedicated Spill Response Vehicles
  • Stocks of Spill Response Supplies are Maintained Locally
  • Incident command
  • Environmental Sampling and Monitoring
  • Identification and Protection of Receptors
  • Collaboration with Enviro Hazmat™ Emergency Response Inc., Our Joint Expertise Ensures that Our Clients Receive the Best Possible Spill Response and Recovery Services

24 Hour Emergency: 403-236-4901

In Collaboration with Enviro Hazmat™ Emergency Response Inc.