BC Orphaned and Inactive Wells in BC

June 5, 2020

Has your resource company considered applying for the new BC Dormant Sites Reclamation Program? Take a look below at a summary of the new BC Orphaned and Inactive Wells Programs:

  • To be eligible for the BC Inactive Wells Program all work must start after Monday May 25, 2020 (application acceptance start-date).
  • If this program follows the first phase of the new Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program, it will be first come first serve, with incomplete applications rejected.
  • Roy Northern Land and Environmental contracts must be super straight forward (no waivers and/or clauses).

And below is a summary from the BC Premier (news release from May 13, 2020) and Energy Minister’s announcement on Orphaned and Inactive Wells in BC, including three programs with the $120 million from the Federal Government:

  • $100 million to Dormant Sites Reclamation Program (active oil and gas company wells are dormant when not producing for 5+ years)
  • $15 million to Orphaned Sites Supplemental Reclamation Program (wells that are the responsibility of the Province of BC; OGC already has $27 million for the 2020-2021 rem/rec well projects)
  • $5 million to Legacy Sites Reclamation Program (not defined; historically, these are inactive wells within an active oil and gas company holdings, usually acquired in a merger and/or acquisition)

Maximum of $100K or 50% of the reclamation cost per site. There are no details on cut/cap; however, if BC follows the Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program, downhole abandonment and/or cut and cap will not qualify for program funding.

On Monday May 25, 2020, more than 1,100 applications were submitted to the program within hours of the launch to restore dormant and inactive oil and gas wells. And, on June 15, 2020, Indigenous Communities, local governments, and landowners will be able to nominate dormant, orphan, and legacy sites for priority cleanup. Therefore, Roy Northern is suggesting oil and gas companies review the more historically challenging dormant wells on Private Land and areas of Aboriginal critical concerns prior to the potential nomination.

Roy Northern Land and Environmental offers a full spectrum of services – including Land, Regulatory, Environmental, Archaeological, Drilling Solutions, GIS, UAV Remote Sensing, Contaminated Sites services, Emergency Spill Response, and Hazmat Awareness and Hazmat Operations Certification Courses – throughout the Western Provinces and Canada’s North.

For example, the GeoProbe Track Unit (6620DT) Auger or Directional Push (drilling rig) is one of few working in the industry in NEBC. The Roy Northern Environmental Team also has impressive successes with Biological (microbial) and Direct Current (DC) remediation alternatives, which are also successfully complimentary to dig and dump remediation and reclamation projects.

Please see my contact information below. Feel free to contact me anytime for more information, and/or please forward my info on to anyone that may be interested in the new BC Dormant Sites Reclamation Program or any remediation or reclamation projects.

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