At Roy Northern Land and Environmental we value follow-through on our commitments and interactions.

That is why we have created corporate commitments. Integrity is at the core of our business and we take our professionalism and commitments to clients, contractors, employees and our communities very seriously.



We will continue to develop our expertise through ongoing professional and personal development, and share our knowledge with others.

Building Partnerships

We will focus on developing further partnerships within our industry, disciplines and communities as well as with various other stakeholders, to encourage constructive communication and business opportunities.


We will embrace technology and use it appropriately in effort to generate greater efficiencies and benefits to our clients and employees.


Our work is all about accountability…to our clients, stakeholders, employees, the environment and our communities.

As clients must adhere to ever increasing legislation, regulations and guideline requirements and details, there is a direct correlation to increased checks and balances, quality assurance and results. To us it is all about accountability.

Stakeholders have an invested interest, often personal, in projects and information. They need to be confident that consideration has been given to their best interest and that a mutually beneficial arrangement can and will be found.

Employees seek solid leadership, a feeling of ownership and the opportunity to become part of a team. Creating an organization that follows through on commitments generates loyalty and longevity.

Environment impacts us all. How it is seen, utilized and cared for dictates what will be available for future generations and the quality of life they will experience.

Community grows out of connection and contribution. Active corporate citizenship reaches beyond monetary donations and sponsorship. It encourages employee engagement, empowerment and participation.

Commitment to Safety

We will adhere to a comprehensive safety program that is management-driven and addresses overall health and safety of all employees and contracted personnel, and includes certified memberships and registrations with various industry compliance associations such as ISNetwold, ComplyWorks’ Canadian HSE Registry,  ENFORM, BC Forest Safety Council,  CQN, and Avetta.

ISNetworld – A host database managing company for Contractor’s self-reporting health, safety and procurement related data recognized by Industry.

ComplyWorks Canadian HSE Registry (CHSER) – An organization that manages and collects standard contractor compliance information, including unique company requirements required by Employers throughout Canada and Internationally.

ENFORM – Certifying partner who Roy Northern Land and Environmental has developed and implemented a Certificate of Recognition (COR) Safety Program with, in keeping with the principles of Partners in Injury Reduction.


BC Forest Safety Council – The British Columbia Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) is the health and safety association (HSA) for forest harvesting, sawmills and pellet manufacturing in British Columbia.

CQN-Contractor Qualification Network – specializing in automation of contractor management systems for suppliers active in the oil & gas, construction, power generation, transportation, mining and forestry industries.

Avetta (formally PICS) – providing sustainable business practices and manage supply chain risk by simplifying contractor prequalification and regulatory compliance.